The full in-progress case study is available in PDF form.

I am currently working on the final UX Flows, Wireframes, and Unity prototypes.

The New York Times VR app is home to a vast library of 360-degree
storytelling experiences from award-winning journalists. The videos range
from trips to outer space to historical commentaries to following refugees
from the war-torn Middle East and many more. You can download the app
on Google Play and the App Store as well as for the Samsung Gear VR.
Since the app itself launches in the Daydream or Oculus headsets, I will
focus on the Android ( ecosystem although the IA would most
definitely work cross-platform on iOS. Moreover, iOS users can still enjoy
the videos albeit without a dedicated headset (Cardboard is always an
option, but not the best viewing experience). I will be focusing on how the
website IA needs to brought in for consideration in regards to how the VR
mobile app organizes its content.