Sharp Suits – Design School Edition

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Sharp Suits – Design School Edition

If you’ve ever read or picked up their book then you are very familiar with the “client horror story” spectacle that has been around forever but finally put into one epicenter where we can all make fun of the people who actually give us money. One similar feat happened across the water in Ireland called “Sharp Suits.”

I loved this idea and the different angles the designers tackled the design aesthetic of the posters. Coming to end of my time at design school I decided I wanted to do a similar poster project. Since my first day in school I have been collecting quotes from the teachers and students, sometimes unbenounced to them. No where else could you hear, “Criminals gotta know how to kern,” than in a design school setting. So I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to do my own version of  “Sharp Suits”  but also to serve as somewhat of a memoir of my time at Seattle Central Creative Academy.

This world of posters will live at
I will start posting in the next couple weeks so come back for updates.

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