Unity Technologies – Women in Gaming Workshop

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in VR Prototypes, VR/AR
Unity Technologies – Women in Gaming Workshop

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend at Women in Gaming Workshop put on by Unity. The event was held at the University of Washington in Seattle Carl Callewaert was the instructor. He is currently a product evangelist at Unity. He will be speaking at Unite this year so if you’re in LA check out his panel.


Some of the topics we covered:

  • General workflows
  • Unity scripting
  • The graphics pipeline
  • Global illumination (GI)
  • Physically based rendering (PBR)
  • Physics
  • Audio
  • Animation (Mecanim)

Some of the basic setup and workflows I was familiar with, but I still learned a lot. We ran through some basic Mecanim functions of animating a viking from the Unity store as well as setting up a basic level. They gave us about $50 worth of free assets from the store which is awesome for a free event! One of the most annoying things about Unity is that you can’t zoom in/out of the animator. Our instructor said that the devs know this and totally forgot to build that in from the ground up. oops.


The guest speaker was Brittany Aubert, Producer at WG Cells. Brittany lead her team on hit games like Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Scribblenauts Remix. She shared her story about working in the gaming industry and specifically working in the gaming industry as a women. It was great to hear her orgin as game dev to where she is now as a producer You can check her out on the Twittersphere.


They host these workshop every few months so I would definitely recommend going to the next one if you are available! Free lunch and t-shirt as well as assets from the store. Solid teacher and speaker and a great networking buy backlinks event overall.

And hopefully Unity will announce the dates from Vision Summit 2017 soon…