UX Breakdown – Craigslist’s Terms of Use

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Design, UX Breakdown
UX Breakdown – Craigslist’s Terms of Use

If we look at the User Experience of Craigslist overall, I’d would say is does a very good job of fulling what people want. I want to sell my really old couch, and I also want some free dirt. I think that sums up CL very well. Albeit to say, there is definitely room for improvement.

For example on the home screen alone I can’t even count the different avenues you could take here. I mean look at all those buttons. So many options on one screen makes me want to run away. But if CL were to completely change the IA and redesign the homepage, I’m pretty sure the world would stop spinning and then all the birds would fall out of the sky. I digress…


Instead of deep diving into the home page, let’s take a look at a very small but important piece of the posting flow. Let’s imagine I’ve just finished writing a description for my 2nd Edition 1975 print of “Dune” (that I will never actually sell), and I am now ready to post it. Once you get through that process this lovely screen pops up:


What I first noticed about this screen is there are 2 options but 4 buttons. The “Accept” and “Decline” buttons are placed above the Terms of Use agreement as well as below. While I could see why they would want to cater to users who would “Accept the terms of use” without reading and then those who would scan them and then accept, repeating those buttons is unnecessary. It’s confusing in the least. Are there multiple terms I need to accept? If so, where is the other doc? If not, I only need one set of buttons.

Another point to consider is the color of the buttons. Both of the buttons have equal value by looking neutral. However, CL wants to user to accept the terms so this button should be given more value than the decline option.

When you click on the buttons you get the blue background with black text (see above image). First, blue and black are not the best for contrast. It is hard to read that black type…consider making it white. Second, to give more value to the “ACCEPT the terms of use” button it should be in blue by default. It would pull the users eye straight to that button so they would not have to search for which of the 4 buttons would be best to click.

Last point why is “ACCEPT” and “DECLINE” in all caps? It’s like you’re yelling at me to do both actions at the same time which is IMPOSSIBLE.

That’s all for now on the UX Breakdown.