Unity3D – Unity Event System Gaze Input

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Unity3D – Unity Event System Gaze Input

Unlike my last post where I used the GoogleVR Gaze Input, I wanted to solely use the Unity Event System Gaze Input for hover selection. On hover, I told the pink (left) box to move up and the blue (right) box to move backwards.                           […]

Unity3D – GoogleVR Gaze Input

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Unity3D – GoogleVR Gaze Input

This is a simple demo I did using the new IGvrGazeResponder in the new Google VR SDK for Unity. Basically, on hover (or OnGazeEnter below), I am telling a box to move backwards in z space.   Code Sample: public class BoxGVRGaze : MonoBehaviour, IGvrGazeResponder {     public void OnGazeEnter() {         transform.position += new Vector3 (0f, 0f, 1f);     }     public void OnGazeExit() {         Debug.Log (“Gaze Exit“);     }     public void OnGazeTrigger() {         Debug.Log (“Gaze Trigger“);     } }   Git […]

After Effects Seattle October – Virtual Reality Night!

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The After Effects Seattle User Group hosted a Virtual Reality Night for their October Meetup on the Adobe Campus in Fremont, Seattle. Eva Hoerth and Eugene Capon both spoke and brought us some great VR “get-your-butt-creating” enthusiasm! Eva talked about her famous gif (link here is actually a youtube video) that went viral on reddit awhile back.  She mentions […]

September Seattle VR Meetup

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Last week I had the chance to attend Seattle VR Meetup “September: Try out VR hackathon projects!” I unfortunately could not make the Seattle VR Hackathon this year because I was working on other projects, but the work that came out of the weekend was stupendous!  A few of the more notable projects are DisastARcons and Down […]

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